When to travel to Cusco?


Finding out about the climatic factor, festivities and tourist movement before choosing the date to travel to Cusco and visit Machu Picchu, is a wise action before buying the tickets.
To do this, Portal Machu Picchu gives you all the necessary information so you can plan to the last detail.


The best months to make your trip to Cusco is between April and September. In the middle of the month of October the rains begin, taking place the most abundant between January – February and extending until March.


Cusco is a beautiful city with numerous attractions and is worth visiting at all times of the year. In the rainy season, many travelers arrive in the city, visit the many places of interest, visit the archeological sites and museums located along the Sacred Valley of the Incas and surroundings; and continue their trip to Machu Picchu.

However, it must be taken into account that during the rainy season, access to different tourist sites in Cusco can be blocked due to landslides and effects caused by the storm. Access to Machu Picchu through the alternative route or through trekking, is likely to be interrupted at times, so it is necessary to have a plan B, if this happens during your trip.

In general, access to the Citadel of Machu Picchu remains open. With the exception of the year 2010 that due to the landslides caused by the rains in the route that leads to the archaeological site, it was closed for 2 months. If you wish to access Machu Picchu, through the Trekking “Inca Trail”, it is important to know that in the month of February the tour is suspended.


The high season takes place in the months of June and August, the weather is dry and cool. Celebrations throughout the district of Cusco are the protagonists in these months and citizens and travelers gather to celebrate and dance to the sound of Andean folklore.

Some of these parties require the purchase of tickets or a means of transport to access the site where they are held; In the latter case, depending on where the event takes place, it is advisable to hire a tour operator from Cusco.

On the other hand, in high season, treks, tours and outdoor excursions are accompanied by a favorable climate, so the roads are in better conditions to be traveled and there is no risk of suspension of scheduled activities.

For those who wish to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu without such a presence of tourism they can do so the months that precede and follow the high season, that is between April – May and between September – Beginning of October. Apart from being able to enjoy the different attractions in the presence of less tourism, they can find cheaper rates.

It is important, if you decide to travel in high season, that you book in advance the lodgings and some tours, since there is enough tourist demand.

The Low Season, includes the rainy months from October to March, at this time you will find the cheapest rates in lodging and tours, and having a lower presence of tourism in Cusco, you can learn about the rhythm of the city and surrounding sites .

In the dry season (high season) the temperature is relatively low although during the day, it is usually mild. We recommend dressing with several layers of clothes to be able to do without any of them in case of feeling hot. At night and at dawn the temperature drops a lot so it is necessary to have ample shelter.

In low season, the weather is warmer, and rainy. The traveler will need to have waterproof clothing and appropriate accessories.

If you want to know the temperature of Cusco, you can enter our weather section.