San Blas neighborhood in Cusco

In the heart of Cusco city, just 2 blocks away from Plaza de Armas on the Hatunrumiyoc Street, at San Blas neighborhood.
It has narrow streets where the pedestrians and vehicles pass taking turns, the San Blas neighborhood still keeps a picture of the Inca and conquerors times. Its architecture is a combination of both periods and that is why to walk these streets creates a sense of timelessness.

At the time when the Incas inhabited there, it was one of the most important districts of Cusco, called it T’oqo-kachi (T’oqo = hollow; kachi = salt). San Blas, known it as the artisans’ neighborhood, is one of the most visited attractions in Cusco.
It is in San Blas where the best folk artists of the city emerged and today you can still enjoy the workshops, craft shops and artisans along the narrow streets. Its distinguished artistic flair makes the San Blas Neighborhood one of the most picturesque sites; where there are also ancient Spanish houses built over important Inca constructions.
You can also visit its striking square and parish (the oldest in Cusco) built in 1563. It is believed that it was built over an Inca temple dedicated to the worship of Illapa, God of thunder and lightning.
San Blas, is favorite in the Cusco night, tourists and locals attend the restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy good music, savor delicious dishes and share with travelers from all around the world the attractions that Cusco offers.

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