Rafting in Cusco

Cusco is an ideal place for adventure tourism, one of the most popular sports by travelers is Canoeing or Rafting which takes place in the Urubamba River and in the Apurimac Canyon.
The experience of boating in the presence of such lush nature and on the torrential rivers is an unequaled adventure. Emotions are enhanced and adrenaline increases in each stretch.
The landscape that accompanies during this activity will live in the memory of the traveler forever, since it is incomparable and impressive.

Places where canoeing is done in Cusco

Urubamba River

The Urubamba River invites the adventurer to navigate its fast waters. This presents different sections and, consequently, levels of difficulty that go from I to III in the dry season, while reaching a level V in the rainy season.
According to the section of the route that has been chosen will be the level of difficulty. Attentive to weather conditions, the tour operator you hire will provide you with the different possible route options.

Apurimac Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in Peru. Its river runs through the high Peruvian Andes between Cusco and Arequipa. Its rapids present a combination of difficulty III and V. The landscape that can be appreciated is one of the most beautiful in Peru, surrounded by mountains, snowy, lush vegetation and of course, its fascinating river. The canoeing tour at Apurimac lasts approximately 3 days, and two camps are held where travelers will sleep on the banks of the river under the starlight.

Difficulty levels presented by boating in Cusco

I-II Difficulty: Easy to cross. They present no risk.
III-IV Difficulty: Point where the adrenaline begins to rise. Very exciting. Little risk.
V Difficulty: Exciting With risk, it is the maximum level allowed to cross with tourists. In this case, an additional safety vessel is necessary.
VI Difficulty: Extreme risk Boating is prohibited.

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