Fifty kilometers from the City of Cusco, in the Pampas of Anta, is Quillarumiyoc, an archeological site where moon worship ceremonies were held.

Its name in Quechua means, The place of the rock of the Moon. Its height reaches 3,650 m.a.s.l.
This huge archeological center is formed by terraces, water channels, platforms, cultivation areas and a ushnu. It also contains a small cave inside whose petroglyphs. In the center, a huge rock with a semicircular carving in the shape of a half moon dedicated to Quilla, the goddess Luna.

This moon-shaped carving is carved in low relief, it is also said to represent the muzzle of a puma, whose base resembles a mouth. If observed at a distance, this natural rock looks like the profile of a puma and the carved crescent represents the eye of this cat.

Quillarumiyoc is a little known attraction. It is visited by those who are interested in mystical experiences, where they make payments to the earth and offerings to the moon. This site offers stunning views of the Anta pampas, surrounded by colorful flowers and queñua trees and ccolles.

Quillarumiyoc, is the only place in Peru where there are temples dedicated to femininity.

It is easily accessible, it is located 50 minutes from the city of Cusco, by the route Cusco – Abancay (Ancahuasi District), taking the detour to Quillarumiyoc from 2 kilometers to 18 km. Outside Anta Pueblo.

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