Qosqo Native Art Center (Centro Qosco de Arte Nativo)

Ideal for travelers who want to experience the culture of Cusco. In Qosqo Native Art Center or Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo (in spanish), founded in 1924, there are daily held different musicals and folk dances from different districts and communities of Cusco.

In the different shows, the audience will appreciate the typical costumes of Cusco and the musical instruments; both also exhibited in the museum. Qosqo Native Art Center is the first folk music and dance group of Peru, declared by the provincial municipality of Cusco as “Cultural Patrimony of Cusco”. This nonprofit civil association is composed of 70 artists and a repertoire of 50 dances and one hundred local songs.
In the show the following dances are presented: carnival, rituals, farming, warrior, etc… Example: Dance Checamarka, Catcca Carnival, Carnival Ink, the Sonconacuy, Carnival Cusquenian and others.

Qosqo Native Art Center is located in the Cusco city and has participated in festivals nationally and internationally with Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, United States, Canada and France.

The people of Cusco represent their patriotic and religious feelings through music, dances, costumes, colors and foods. Here, at the Qosqo Native Art Center the participants from different universities and colleges display their arts and they are praised and recognized by all tourists that choose to enjoy these shows.


Presentations: Monday to Monday from 19.00 to 20.30hs.
Phone: Av. El Sol 604, Cusco City
Teléfono: +51 84 227901.
Mail: [email protected]

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