Pisac Market

The artisan market is located in the Constitution Square of the district of Pisac, it offers the visitor a wide variety of textile, pottery and silverware products.
The knowledge and skill for this type of crafts have inherited from generation to generation.

Following the line of its Inca ancestors, the population of Pisac stands out in the production of ceramics with motifs dedicated to Mother Nature, using earth colors and icons typical of the Inca culture.
The use of ceramics, as raw material for artisanal elaboration dates back to the Pre Inca era. Fragments of objects have been found, which archaeologists say date back to 1,200 A.D. some of which are in the museums of the district.

The largest number of the population of Pisac is dedicated to textile production. In the tissues are represented geometric iconographies of this culture, messages about experiences that occur in everyday life and local festivals of each town where those tissues are made.

Wool dyeing comes from native plants and red, green and brown colors predominate. The tools for making the fabrics are mostly handmade: rakina, loom at waist, ruki, awatanca, etc.

Among the textile products you can find ponchos, skirts, scarves, llicllas, chuspa, ribbons, chumpis, watanas, purses, wallets, bags, etc.

The craft market of Pisac, is open to the public every day of the week, with Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays being the days with the greatest amount of tourism.

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