Markets in Machu Picchu city


The Handicraft Market of Aguas Calientes is located inside the railway station, being forced passage of the travelers when descending the train.

Large and numerous stalls, the craft market in the district of Machu Picchu boasts of being one of the most important in the production, exhibition and marketing of products and handicrafts of decorative and utilitarian type.

Among the various products that are for sale, there are Inca ceramic handicrafts, looms and carpets, plaster sculptures, paintings of the Cusco school, silverware and jewelry, carved in stone and wood, clothing with vicuña and alpaca wool, accessories Leather, straw baskets, antiques and much more.

The production centers are located in the same town of Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes) and in the surrounding peasant communities; To these are added producers from the city of Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.


A few blocks from the artisan market, is the municipal market, where the population is directed to buy food. It is ideal for those tourists interested in knowing the local cuisine and for those who want to reduce expenses on food products, as they will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at low cost.

They also sell all kinds of meats, cheeses, breads and groceries in general.
Additionally in the stalls of vegetables and fruits you will find blocks of organic cocoa paste, coca leaves and much more.

Machu Picchu