Huayna Picchu Mountain

The Huayna Picchu is a spur that is part of the mountain where the Machu Picchu sits in Peru, whose semicircular base is bathed by the waters of the Urubamba River. It is the mountain located in front of Machupicchu. Its name in Quechua, is translated as young mountain or needle mountain.

Huayna Picchu was a surveillance post, communication station and shrine.
On the top of the mountain there are huge stone constructions, carefully carved, which are inclined and correspond to an shrine or Temple. From there you can see the Main Square of Machupicchu about 400 meters down, the vertiginous Urubamba Canyon with infinite green nuances and in the background the very white snowy peaks.

The visitor can ascend to the top of the mountain, the road is vertical, slippery due to humidity and height impresses in some narrow steps, but in general it is accessible to all, it would only exclude those who suffer from vertigo, although much of the On the way the thick vegetation of the high jungle protects the traveler from the exposed steps allowing them to move forward with relative tranquility.

The final reward, after traveling the ascent path, are the privileged views from the top, not only of the Sacred City of Machu Picchu but also of surroundings, including the snowy Andes and the surrounding Urubamba River.

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