ANDEAN CUISINE (typical regional food)
Imagine a postcard by Martin Chambi, Cusco's mythical photographer from the early 20th century: an open air patio around a clay oven, terracotta jars for macerating the chicha, little Pucara bulls and the ubiquitous game of sapo. Now place yourself in the postcard and enjoy the delicious aroma of food cooked on hot stones and bread fresh out of the oven. No need to imagine, Pachapapa offers that very same experience.
The cooks of Pachapapa have managed to recreate the best of regional cooking using clay pots and wood burning ovens. Not to mention the legendary pachamanca, a ritual in which potatoes, yuccas, corn and various meats are cooked by the hot stones in a pit covered by earth.
Javier de las Casas (Lima) writes After our extenuating excursion to the nearby ruins we enjoyed a few hours of peacefulness seasoned with superb food at Pachapapa. I highly recommend it.
Located in the bohemian neighborhood of San blas, famous for its church and handicrafts, the restaurant also has indoor areas and wood burning stoves for rainy days.
Chef: David Mejía

Payment: Cash and Credit Cards.

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