I never thought I would find such good pasta in the middle of town, just like true Italian pasta, commented Marina Soldi, a visitor from Rome, when coming out of Incanto. Fresh homemade pasta, fettuccine, lasagna and gnocchi are the perfect backdrop for different sauces, fillings and accompaniments that include an unbeatable selection of only the best ingredients, Italian cheeses, the finesto olive oils and organic vegetables grown in the restaurant's own kitchen garden.
Incanto invites the celebration of the good life while imagining remote times before the dining room's Inca walls, a vestige of Inca Capac Yupanqui's palace. At the modern and very chic bar, patrons toast with pisco sours and piscopolitans; at some nights the pleasure of good food is accompanied by live classical guitar.
Chef: Anibal Casafranca

Payment: Cash and Credit Cards.

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