A gourmet organic food restaurant. Can one find such a thing in Cusco? Absolutely, Greens Organic, the only restaurant of its kind in town offers an experience that is both healthy and delicious. In a clear return to basics, Greens Organic rescues indigenous ingredients to give them a leading role in the kitchen, exalting their particular benefits to the full.
Most of the vegetables come from our kitchen garden in Lamay, in the Sacred Valley, we complement them with products from our suppliers, small scale farmers who practice sustainable agriculture and raise pasture fed animals, explains Rafael, one of the owners. Greens Organic has opted for the creativity and freedom for its customers who can fix their own plates choosing from different families: proteins, carbohydrates, cereals, legumes, vegetables and pastas.
The perfect combination for a healthy gastronomical treat: relaxed surroundings with a certain countrified air. We recommend sitting at the table in the balcony, breathing deeply and simply enjoying the perfect simplicity of the food and the splendid view of the Cathedral in the Main Square.
Chef: Nilo Chacón.

Payment: Cash and Credit Cards.

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