In May 2014, we open a new Japanese Restaurant: BOJOSAN Udon Bar. Udon is a traditional noodle soup based on dashi (fish broth) and homemade noodles (udon) with an added flavor of different meets or seaweed. Excellent light food option for altitude and cold in Cusco.

Our udon is prepared daily, using an ancestral Japanese technic (kneading with hands and feet in order to get a perfect noodle texture).

You can seat at the bar and watch your udon be prepared by our chef on the spot. The capacity of our restaurant is 30 seats.
Our open kitchen into the restaurant allows to see how the udon is serving and in the background you can hear a Japanese music: welcome to Japan!

Opening Hours:
From Thursday to Tuesday: from 12.30 till 22.30 hours.

Payment: Cash and Credit Cards (Visa and Amex).

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