Cusco Weather

Cusco has two seasons during the year. These are distinguished in Rainy and Dry.
Usually Cusco’s climate is dry and mild. The stations are divided into the following months of the year:

By day find a sunny, cooling towards evening and reaching freezing temperatures overnight.
The average climate of 13 ° C, while at night temperatures can reach 0 ° C.
While the sun generates a pleasant temperature during the day, we recommend bundle in layers, since in the cool shade. This way you can go adjusting his coat on as you feel more or less cold.
Recall that this station corresponds to the peak in Cusco and the months that precede and follow it.

While the average temperature is 12 ° C, sunny days reaches 20 ° C. But storms are prone to cold winds accompanying.

While this station determines the offseason, many tourists arrive to Cusco to visit its tourist attractions drawing the least amount of tourism. However, if you choose to travel on these dates need to know that being very rainy days, especially in the mountains, you can find roads blocked by the action of the weather. When the rains are not abundant and cause blockages in the places you planned to visit, excursions are very pleasant and the fact that there is less number of people facilitates greater connection with nature, smells, sound and energy.