Cusco tourist information

In this section we invite you to know the information that we believe most relevant for your trip to Cusco.
This is a destination that has grown exponentially in recent years, this has generated that the tourist offer is increasingly large and varied.
Below we offer you tools and information that we believe can be very useful in planning and during your stay in Cusco.

Useful phones of Cusco

In this section you will find a list with useful telephones, telephone codes and foreign consulates in Cusco.

Altitude sickness in Cusco

What is altitude sickness, how to avoid it, what to do in case of suffering it. Find the answers by entering this section.

Currencies and means of payment in Cusco

All about the Peruvian Nuevo Sol, foreign currencies, traveler’s checks, banks, exchange houses, credit cards and money exchange in Cusco.

Tips for traveling to Cusco

If you are traveling to Cusco, these recommendations will be useful. The weather, what to take on excursions, types of plugs and much more.

When to travel to Cusco

Know the best date to travel to Cusco and visit Machu Picchu. Find out about the pros and cons of each season and choose the optimal time for your trip.

Cusco Weather

Cusco has two weather stations during the year; The rainy and the dry. Know its characteristics and the months that each of them includes.

Visa and immigration in Cusco

Find out about the documentation you need to present in migrations to enter Peru according to your nationality.

How to move in Cusco

You can travel by bus, mini van or taxi service. In this section we provide approximate transportation information and distance costs.