What to do in Cusco...

We accompany you to fulfill the dream of traveling to Machu Picchu and discover the amazing archaeological sites that extend from the City of Cusco throughout the Sacred Valley of the Incas and surroundings.
Visiting and knowing the cultural attractions, the renowned Peruvian cuisine and living the joy and color of their festivities, are part of the experience that each traveler will build during their stay.
These proposals are for those who seek adventure, for those who want to relax, for those who undertake a mystical and experiential trip, for those who prefer a classic trip and for those who choose a luxury vacation.
Here are some of the biggest attractions of Cusco.
Start putting together your list of activities and plan your ideal trip using our trip planner.

Archaeological sites in Cusco

Cusco offers the traveler a wide variety of archeological sites that despite the weather and climatic factors are still intact.
The stone work, the arrangement and organization of the constructions, the hydraulic systems and cultivation terraces are worthy of admiration today.
The mystery, majesty and respect with which they have been made so as not to harm Mother Earth reflect the culture and superior knowledge of that time.

Museos en Cusco

Museums in Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

Remains of the history of Cusco are gathered in the different museums, from Pre Inca civilizations to the present.
Although much of the material and the relics found have been looted from the historical sites of the Cusco district, there are still many objects of ancient civilizations, fossils, representations of the early days of the conquest and works of art, among others.
At present, Cusco is one of the places in Peru that retains much of its historical and cultural heritage.

excursiones a pie en cusco

Trekking in Cusco

Hiking through the paths traveled by the Incas is an experience that will mark your life forever.
In Cusco you can walk the jungle on foot, climb mountains, snowy mountains and travel different Inca roads.
You will also discover wonderful landscapes, buildings still hidden among the vegetation and connect more closely with the energy of majestic places chosen as settlements by ancient civilizations.
We present a variety of activities for hiking.
Choose the route you like best, evaluate its difficulty and the time required to do it.
Start your own adventure and let yourself be surprised along it.

Turismo de aventura en Cusco

Adventure tourism in Cusco

Put aside the routine and give yourself completely to the adventure, take your sensations to the limit.
Discover fascinating landscapes, where the Incas forged their empire.
If you are an adventurous person, Cusco is the ideal place for your vacation.
Practice boating, bungee jumping, jungle walks, mountain climbing, 4 × 4 excursions, motorcycle tours, bicycles and much more.

Aguas termales en Cusco

Cusco Hot Springs

What better way to relax your body and mind than enjoying the medicinal thermal waters of Cusco.
Cusco is a tourist destination that offers a wide variety of options to the traveler.
Hot springs are key for those looking for a vacation of pleasure, relaxing and healthy. Also for those who after experiencing adventure excursions want to relax their muscles, revitalize and energize their bodies with the mineral properties that compose them.

Mercados en Cusco

Markets in Cusco

The markets were originally created in order to gather the locals to exchange their products and thus supply the entire population.
Throughout these last years and due to the tourist growth, the markets of Cusco have managed to expand their commercial offers.
This is how they have become the favorite places of citizens and tourists to buy handicrafts, clothing, native fabrics or organic foodstuffs. In some markets it is also possible to find electronics products and various uses.
We invite you to know each one of them in the following list and to visit them during your trip to Cusco.

Fiestas en Cusco

Festivities and events in Cusco

Share the joy, dances and songs in the streets of Cusco. Join the people and have fun celebrating the events and main events of the year. Dances, songs, parades, costumes, colors, laughs, sighs and fun fill the streets of Cusco at each holiday.
We offer you a calendar where you will find all the events and celebrations that will take place. We recommend that you take this information into account when planning your trip, as it is very exciting to experience these events.