The Coricancha (Quechua: Quri Cancha The Golden Temple), originally Inti Cancha, Temple of the Sun, is located in Cusco City, a few meters from the Plaza de Armas.

This wonderful temple is considered one of the most sacred and awesome buildings of the Inca empire. It was one of the most revered and respected temples of the city.

It was called the Cluster of Gold because in its inside had spaces devoted to worship deities as The Moon and The Sun (INTI) the devoted could only enter fasting, barefoot and with a load in the back as a sign of humility, as was indicated by the high priest Wilaq Umo.

These deities were represented in fine gold and silver sculptures, and were looted by the conquerors. As the walls were covered with solid gold, and there were so many ornaments and jewelry made from this material, it took them a few weeks to melt all the gold and send it to Spain.

Here you will see samples representing the chronological development of the civilization in Cusco. In the Qorikancha there are fragments and pottery of the Inca period as well as samples of metallurgy, textiles, paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, etc.

It also presents a model of what could have been the Qorikancha in its origins. The visitors can see replicas of objects found in the excavations on the site, samples of pottery, litic pieces of Pre Inca and Inca periods. It has five rooms where explaining didactically the history of our ancestors.
Over this temple the Spanish conquistadors later built the Santo Domingo Convent.

Access included in the Cusco Tourist Ticket.
Partial Ticket: Adults S/. 10 (Nuevo Sol) and Students S/. 5 (Nuevo Sol).

Hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 18.00 hs. Sunday 9.00 to 12.00 hs.
Domicilio: Av. El Sol. Basement of the Coricancha esplanade.

Cusco City