Chinchero Market

The Chinchero market is one of the most attractive in Cusco. It is located in the Plaza de Armas of the district, in front of the colonial church.

Although the largest number of vendors are from Chinchero, very early in the morning neighbors from nearby towns approach to also be able to market their handmade products.

In the stalls you will find sheep, llama and alpaca wool clothes, crafts, native musical instruments, edibles such as potatoes, chuño, white chicha, pork rinds, chancaca, coca leaves, coffee, cabbage, rocotos, corn, medlars, bananas, lemons, oranges, asnapa, mote, onions, tarhui, geese, among others.

The Chinchero market is one of the few in which bartering is still practiced, a commercial economic system based on the exchange of products.

The role of women in textiles, crafts and commerce is fundamental; You will find more women offering and buying products than men. In general, merchants are the real producers of handicrafts, textiles and raw materials.

The main day of the happy and colorful craft fair is Sunday.

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