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A Real Japanese Undon


In May 2014, a new Udon Soup Bar opens, which is a very popular type of Japanese soup and is based on fish (dashi) and thick noodles (udon). Subsequently, different meats, vegetables or seaweed were added to your letter.

The proposal of Udon soups offered by Bojosan Restaurant is ideal for people who have a vegetarian diet.

Although it is a delight of food and you will be happy to visit them more than once during your stay in Cusco, we recommend doing it the first day, since it is ideal to eat a light and healthy meal.

Bojosan Restaurant, porsee three bars and three tables, with a total of 30 chairs. Which makes it an intimate and very pleasant space.

Instalaciones de Bojosan Restaurante Japones
Udon Japones en Cusco - Bojosan
Deliciosa comida japonesa en Bojosan Restaurante Cusco
Sopas Udon en Bojosan Restaurante Cusco

Japanese food in Cusco

Japanese pasta is made entirely by hand in Bojosan facilities. For this, an ancestral technique is used in which it is used in addition to the hands, feet; because in the final part of the kneading it becomes difficult to manipulate and requires more force so that it can stretch again and then cut.

The kitchen is in view of the customers so they can see all the preparation of their dishes in a few minutes and from any location, which makes the atmosphere very warm with a pleasant service.

Monday yo sunday from 12.30hrs. to 22.00hrs.

Cash and cards.

Calle San Agustin 275, Cusco.

+51 84 246502


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